Staying with the changing dynamic

iStock_000015207305_MediumSince market data is always the starting point in our process and underlies very much our core strengths, each and every candidate we engage can expect nothing less than our full-support in making a ‘new-start’ at a new company.

No question is irrelevant nor is it something that we will not be able to answer about the market or equally important about a prospective new employer.
For us, it is better that we give you a very positive impression and account of our service at all times. To these ends, we can guarantee this:

  1. Our focus is directly with you and what you believe to be the best options will be discussed and our own expert advice given.
  2. Our process will be clearly outlined from start to finish so that you understand very clearly what to expect from us and the clients.
  3. We shall represent you directly with our lients that you have applied and interview.
  4. We shall act 100% in your interests and always strive to improve your current situation for your career and family.
  5. Our goal is to negotiate a successful outcome with your preferred clients that addresses your objectives and reasons for changing jobs
  6. As your direct representative, we shall reflect your passion, vision and future aspirations to our clients/your preferred future employers
  7. Make sure that you enjoy our service, feel 100% represented and continue to see us as a preferred vendor once you have secured a new employer
  8. Uphold your need for complete confidentiality and data-protection.

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