Our People

Leading the evolution in healthcare recruitment

Research driven, process oriented and creative our team is dedicated to accuracy of market data as a starting point.

Years of prior research has gone in to market intelligence that reflects the dynamics of this highly segmented market.

We deliver an outstanding service that has its roots in the drive and motivation of Michael Ballantyne who leads the healthcare team with a daily passion and thirst forĀ success which comes from his early sporting success as a Birmingham City football club trainee. Michael has since gone on to recruit Medical Doctors in EnglandĀ and Europe and more recently Japan alongside establishing a competitive presence in both the Medical devices and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Michael has successfully brought a number of Medical device start-ups into the Japan market based on the accuracy of modelling and simulation.

We strive to become the number 1 healthcare recruitment service provider in Japan.

Our team members each have experienced healthcare in some form in their careers and combined we hold a competitive edge over our rivals.

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